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12 Unique Fine Jewelry Pieces at Occasions

12 Unique Fine Jewelry Pieces at Occasions

Many people come to Occasions Fine Jewelry for the incredible assortment of engagement rings and wedding jewelry. But that's far from the only thing that Occasions Fine Jewelry has to offer. Occasions Fine Jewelry has some superb, unique fine jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Let's take a look at just some of the fantastic offerings of Occasions.


From stud earrings to dangles, you can find earrings to suit any style at Occasions Fine Jewelry. That includes earrings of many different types of metal, stone, or enamel. We'll take a look at some of the most notable earrings in the store.

  1. Polished Geometric Earrings. Decorated with light blue to dark blue sapphires, these Polished Geometric Earrings are something to behold. If you love abstract art, geometric art, and even architecture, these earrings are perfect for you. Made with white sterling silver, they will shine brilliantly in virtually any light.
  2. Pencil Cut Rose Quartz Earrings. There's something delicate and alluring about these pencil-cut rose quartz earrings. They're perfect for those who love pink, love rose quartz, or just want a unique cut of stone. Modern, cylindrical, and abstract, they are perfectly offset with their gold-plated posts.
  3. Labradorite Earrings. Make a bold statement with these large and long labradorite earrings, featuring brilliant labradorite gems cut into various shapes. These earrings have a sparkling luster added to by the yellow gold plating. These earrings are great for those who love the flash and drama of natural stone.
  4. Natural Opal Doublets. Sometimes you just want something more sedate. The flash of these natural opal doublets is hard to see in a still image, but they'll be distractingly fiery all the same. These earrings have a slick, sophisticated setting and a backing that's designed to bring out the fire and flash of the natural stone.
How do you find the earrings that are right for you? Pay attention to the dimensions of earrings, as they can dramatically differ. Something that looks like a small stud could be a larger button earring, whereas something that looks like a button might be a small stud. When it comes to dangles, pay attention to length. A lot of people experiment with many different earring styles, and different earrings can look different depending on your hairstyle as well.


Necklaces are quite often a statement piece or the focal point to an entire look. If you love jewelry, you likely take a lot of time selecting the right necklace or pendant. Occasions Fine Jewelry has a tremendous assortment of necklaces to suit any occasion, budget, and style.

  1. Two-Tone Diamond Necklace. This incredible diamond necklace is made of 18 karat gold and dotted with an incredible number of diamonds, featuring one large diamond as its focal point. Go out in this and you'll get looks all night. You can also pair this two-tone diamond necklace with any of the two-tone rings, bracelets, or earrings in the Occasions collection.
  2. Rose Tie Pendant Necklace. Put a tie on! The Rose Tie Pendant Necklace is a rose-colored gold necklace dotted with diamonds in the shape of a beautiful, abstract tie. Perfect for playful fun on occasions that are both formal and informal. Match this with a smooth, modern chain to offset it even more.
  3. White Cluster Necklace. Few necklaces can be as dramatic as the white cluster necklace, decked out in white gold with an array of gorgeous diamonds in a ribbon formation behind a single, much larger diamond. If you want something that's going to be both eye-catching and elegant, this necklace is it.
  4. The Butterfly Necklace. Get playful, fun, and flirty with the butterfly necklace — a whimsical 18 karat satin pendant necklace that's studded with an array of beautiful, round diamonds. The delicate wings of this butterfly are almost cloth-like, while the fiery diamonds in the center will catch the light. 
When choosing necklaces, especially online, pay attention to the length. Anything that is around 16 or less will usually be choker length. You can also measure your neck with a cloth measuring tape to see where it would lie. If you want something that's going to dangle, you'll need a chain length of 20 inches or more.


Occasions has a wide assortment of bracelets, from delicate bands to chunky modern bangles. Here are some of the most popular types of bracelets available at Occasions Fine Jewelry:

  1. The Heartbeat Bracelet. Show someone you care with the heartbeat bracelet. Perfect for those who are in the medical field or just those who have a fascination with the beat of the heart. The Heartbeat Bracelet is beautifully abstract even without knowing what the imagery means. 
  2. Make a Wish Labradorite Bracelet. If you know someone who loves natural stone, you'll want to give them the Make a Wish labradorite bracelet. This bracelet is special not only because of the stone (set with sterling) but because of its charming implications. Make a wish and hope it's granted!
  3. Soho Bangle Bracelet. There's something just exceptional about this dramatic enamel Soho bangle bracelet. In decadent colors of bright red and black, the Soho bangle is something unique. If you love deep colors and modern statement jewelry, the Soho Bangle Bracelet is a perfect choice.
  4. The Bamboo Bracelet. If you want to make a statement, here it is. The Bamboo bracelet is an extravagant silver bracelet meant to evoke wooden strands of bamboo. It's chunky, thick, and noticeable. At the same time, the cuff bracelet is comfortable and easy to slip on. 
How do you choose the right bracelet? First, don't forget that a bracelet has to fit properly. Some people have smaller wrists and others have wider wrists. While some bracelets are adjustable, hard bracelets and bangle bracelets are going to come in specific sizes. Measure around your wrist to ensure that you get the best fit.

Those are only some of the amazing selections available at Occasions Fine Jewelry. Take a look at our online fine jewelry collection today to find more.

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