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5 Factors to Shop for Your Antique Wedding Bands

5 Factors to Shop for Your Antique Wedding Bands

When it comes time to shop for antique wedding rings, there are a number of considerations that need to be made. At Occasions Fine Jewelry, the hard work and dedication that goes into finding the best antique wedding rings for each customer is more than evident.

Our years of experience are on full display whenever customers stop by, and we pride ourselves on making the process as easy as possible. We have a number of customer-friendly beliefs that we are more than happy to share.

Pricing is based on what the item actually costs, not an inflated idea of its worth. Repairs and sizing should always be handled by the store where the jewelry was purchased. Most importantly of all, it is important to really listen to the customer.

That’s why we have prepared this helpful guide that is based on our many years of experience. By taking a closer look at the following factors, it is much easier to find the perfect antique wedding rings. Be sure to read on and learn more!


Anyone who is buying a ring of this nature will want to make sure that they are choosing something that is truly unique. After all, no one wants to end up having the same ring as someone else in these situations. It is all about finding the ring that will truly stand out and allow them to stand apart from the usual crowd.

That’s where vintage rings come into play. It’s the easiest way to be sure that you have found something that is not easy to replicate. For the most part, local jewelry stores are only going to be able to provide us with access to currently popular styles. That’s fine but what happens when duplication becomes a problem?

Antique rings do not present the same issue because the options are absolutely endless. Sure, it may not be guaranteed that you will never run into a bride that has managed to pick out the same ring that you have. However, you are significantly reducing the chances of such an encounter! Isn’t that what it is all about?

A choice that is this special should never be left to a local jeweler if the objective is to stand out. Let’s be honest here. It’s not like any bride thinks of herself as being run-of-the-mill or ordinary (and she shouldn’t)! So why would you ever fall into that trap?

With a unique antique ring, the bride is able to stand out and the groom is able to avoid being chewed out later on when she sees 10 other women with the same ring. That is what we like to call a true win/win type of scenario.


Of course, what good is a unique ring if the stones and metals that are used to make it are not durable enough? You can find the prettiest stones with local jewelers, but will they be durable? These are the questions that we grapple with when we are in the process of shopping for wedding bands.

When you entrust an experienced jeweler with the process, there is no limit to what can be accomplished. For starters, the average shopper is not going to know which stones are brittle and which stones are not. There’s nothing wrong with that, either.

It’s not your job to know these things, it is the domain of the experienced jeweler. Sure, that emerald wedding band might look awesome today. Will it continue to look great over the long haul? This is where the problems start to come into play.

The same goes for any of the softer opals or any rings that come with enamel. Yes, chips can be repaired but the goal should be to choose a ring that is not going to require regular servicing. No one wants to have to take their ring in to the shop every few months like it’s an oil change.

For example, did you know that rubies and sapphires are often heated? This is done as a means of changing their color and while this may seem innocent enough, it does an absolute number on their durability. These are the things that a vintage jeweler can tell you to watch out for.

Local jewelers are not worried about that because they are only looking to make a sale. Natural stones are simply not as prominent when it comes to later forms of jewelry. For access to the durability that you deserve, an antique jeweler should be your most entrusted source. They’ll make sure that you’re making a choice that you won’t soon regret.

Environmental Friendliness

Look, we get it. Eco-friendliness just isn’t something that most people consider when it comes time to make a purchase of this magnitude. It’s totally understandable. With that being said, there is no time like the present to start considering it.

The local jewelers who are cranking out new products all of the time mean well, don’t get us wrong. Diamond mining is not as destructive to the environment as other forms of mining but that does not make it a good thing. There are all sorts of negative side effects that have to be taken into consideration.

Local populations are often displaced from their homes because of diamond mining expeditions. Forestation is removed to clear a path, which also has a very negative effect on the environment. Soil erosion is another common issue that takes place because of diamond mining.

With antique engagement rings and men's and women's wedding bands, these problems are avoided entirely. Think of it as a form of recycling, except far more chic. Instead of contributing to the continued destruction of the environment, we are able to find a ring that suits our purposes without any added guilt.

Being able to purchase a ring that is new to you, without any added mining? This is what we should all be striving for. As an added bonus, your purchase is sure to inspire others in your social circle to follow in your footsteps.

Proper Pricing

In other words, this is not the time to be a cheapskate! Yes, we understand the fact that everyone has a budget that they need to stick to. Conversely, you will need to make sure that you are purchasing the best ring that you can possibly afford.

Anyone who purchases a ring strictly because of the pricing point is going to be left sad later on. This is the exact type of decision that you are going to deeply regret. Modern reproductions might be cheaper than purchasing a true antique but there are good reasons for that.

For starters, a modern reproduction won’t be able to provide the same level of durability. The aesthetics may be the same, but the overall quality will not be. Genuine quality is hard to come by and modern reproductions are not equipped to provide it.

A genuine antique, on the other hand? These rings may come with a higher pricing point but that does not mean that the money won’t be well spent. In addition to being better than a modern reproduction, the antique ring is also far more likely to retain its value.

In fact, there may even be instances where choosing a vintage wedding band can be cheaper than going retail. Retail jewelry often comes with major markups, causing shoppers to spend more than they expected. Whether the vintage options are more expensive or less expensive, these rings are still the way to go.

Stones and Settings

Any expert will speak at length about the importance of stones and settings during this decision-making process. Jill Heller works out of New York City. She is known for her jewelry curation skills and is also a purveyor of vintage and contemporary pieces. Luckily for us, Heller has some very simple guidelines to offer on these purchases.

“Once you’ve begun shopping,” explains Heller, “look for weighty pieces made of high-quality and durable materials–you want to choose a piece that can continue to be worn and enjoyed for years to come. I only recommend rings that are 18-karat gold or platinum.”

She is also warning shoppers about the importance of durability and the fragility of certain stones. “I would steer away from stones that are vulnerable to damage, like opals and pearls,” continues Heller, “and go for a harder stone instead. It’s also important to beware of gemstone quality and avoid heavily included stones, which are weaker and likely to crack or chip over time.”

She also warns shoppers against getting hung up on the idea of what these rings are “supposed” to be and we could not agree more. People should choose the stones and settings that they are drawn to, regardless of what others may think.

The most crucial part to remember is that there is no shortage of options available. Even if you come across a ring that is not quite right, there is sure to be something in that category that ends up working for you! Contact us in Midland, TX today if you have any more questions.

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