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9 Nature Inspired Fine Jewelry Pieces

9 Nature Inspired Fine Jewelry Pieces

For decades upon decades, artists have drawn their inspiration from nature. Leaves, seasons, stones, and more, artists have used nature not only for inspiration but also for materials. Whether you want a whimsical look or something abstract and modern, you can find something that has been expertly inspired by nature.

Let's take a look at some of the most exquisite, nature-inspired fine jewelry pieces.

The Simon G Collection

Here at Occasions Fine Jewelry, we are proud to carry pieces from the Simon G Collection, which continue to showcase the unique vision of the namesake, Simon G. With an intense focus on quality and craftsmanship, each piece is directly monitored in ten different quality control situations. Each diamond is handset, and then inspected under microscope by the experienced artisans they employ to ensure they not only shine as brilliantly as possible, but are secured to ensure the longevity of each piece. 


These 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings are sure to turn heads with their stunning brilliance, and two-toned sculptural design. Crafted to resemble a floral sculpture, there is a circle of white diamonds set in the center of the petals. 

Another option that we have is the Two-Tone Butterfly Earrings, which use 18K gold in yellow and white to create the distinct shape of a butterfly’s wings, with a series of diamonds used to create the body of the butterfly. These beautiful stud earrings will work with any dressy or casual outfit that you want to create. 

The last pair of earrings that we would like to highlight are the 18K Yellow Gold Butterfly Earrings. Similar to the two-tone earrings, this pair uses exclusively yellow gold to create the wings of the butterfly, and embedded diamonds to produce the body of the butterfly. These earrings give of a more elegant and radiant quality, and will function exceptionally well as a statement piece in any outfit. 


One of our favorite pieces is the Butterfly Gemstone Ring, where white gold is used with diamonds and sapphires to create the form of three butterflies in flight. The sculptural elegance of this piece captures the imagination, and will create the perfect heirloom piece in your collection. 

For a larger, statement piece there is the Butterfly Fashion Ring. This ring has an 18K yellow gold band that is studded with diamonds, which extend out to form the body of the butterfly, with large and elegant golden wings spreading out from there.  

For a beautiful and understated piece, why not consider the Whimsy Fashion Ring? This ring uses an 18K rose gold band that is sculpted to create the design of two branches laying across each other, with leaves fanning out. Each leaf has two round diamonds embedded to lend the piece the ultimate in brilliance and elegance.


This Butterfly Pendant is the same design as the Simon G butterfly earrings, with yellow and white gold forming the wings, and a row of round diamonds creating the body of the butterfly. This pendant is simple yet elegant, and will work in a variety of outfits and looks. 

For a more fun look, the Simon G Bee Pendant will provide an amusing pendant designed to resemble a bee in 18K yellow gold, with rows of diamonds acting as some of the bands that create the distinctive look of a bee, and with brilliant rubies embedded as the eyes. 

The final piece that we would like to highlight is the Yellow Gold Butterfly Pendant, which uses yellow gold to create the wings, and diamond studs to produce the body of the butterfly. This pendant is sure to add an air of elegance whenever you wear it. 

Get the Nature Inspired Pieces You Want

You can find pretty much any type of jewelry inspired by nature. Think about whether you want it to have natural elements (like a geode) or whether you want it to mimic nature (like a bamboo texture). What are your favorite things about nature? Waves crashing on the shore? Birds tweeting in the spring?

Whatever you're interested in, Occasions Fine Jewelry can help. Contact us to find out more about getting the piece of jewelry that's right for you.

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