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Best Jewelry Clasps for Bracelets

Best Jewelry Clasps for Bracelets

No one wants to lose their favorite bracelet! But if you've ever struggled to put on a particularly difficult-to-use clasp, you know what a difference it can make. The type of clasp used on a bracelet depends on a lot of things. Mostly, it's aesthetics. But different styles of bracelets also lend themselves to different types of clasps. Let's take a look.

Spring Rings

A spring ring clasp is the most common type of clasp. There's a little lever that you pull to hook one side of the bracelet to the other. Spring rings are very secure because the ring closes entirely when you attach the bracelet. But they're also hard to put on, and they can be a bit delicate. You'll find spring ring clasps on lighter bracelets and cheaper bracelets because they're one of the most common types of fixtures.

Magnetic Clasps

Modern jewelry today often has magnetic clasps. They're mostly used with bracelets that are strung on a non-flexible cord, such as a silk cord. They will attach themselves. They are best for lighter jewelry because heavier jewelry can pull them apart. Expensive jewelry usually doesn't use a magnetic clasp because the jewelry can get pulled off, and you do need to be cautious around electronics.

Fold Over Clasps

This is the most common clasp that you'll see on a watch. These clasps fold over and then snap. They usually tighten up the bracelet a little once they snap, so they start out a little loose (making it easier for the bracelet to be put on). A fold over clasp is larger in style, so it's really only usable for larger, bolder bracelet designs. But people tend to love these types of clasps because they're so easy to put on one-handed.

Toggle Clasps

Toggle clasps have a straight piece that fits through a circular piece; you slide the "toggle" into the circle and then it is kept in place due to the weight of the piece. When properly used, these clasps are very secure. But they also lend themselves to a certain aesthetic; they wouldn't be able to be used on a delicate or lightweight piece. A toggle clasp is very easy to secure one-handed, so a lot of people like these.

Hook and Eye Clasps

Hook and eye clasps have an "S" shape that is threaded through a circle, much like a toggle clasp. These can also be very secure and easy to apply, but again they need to be used with thicker bracelet bands, or they will look out of place. They are more frequently used for necklaces than for bracelets because they can make a bracelet a little loose; they need slack in order for the hook and eye to function.

Lobster Clasps

Lobster clasps are a variant of spring ring clasps. They're just a little larger than spring ring clasps and more elongated. But, as a consequence, they are also much easier to use. For bracelets, many prefer lobster clasps because they are secure, easy to apply, and very subtle. Compared to something like a hook and eye clasp or a toggle clasp, a lobster clasp will be mostly unnoticeable and won't disrupt the design of a more elegant or delicate bracelet.

As you can see, some bracelet clasps are actually part of the design of the piece (such as an S-curved hook and eye clasp), while others are more designed to blend in with the piece and secure it (such as spring ring clasps). You should carefully consider clasps especially if you have mobility issues or difficulty getting your bracelets on.

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