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How to Care for Fine Jewelry?

How to Care for Fine Jewelry?

Over time, you may notice that even the finest jewelry will develop a "patina." But you shouldn't scrub it! Fine jewelry needs particular care — periodically, you may need to clean it off to restore it to its previous shine. Let's take a look at how to care for fine jewelry without potentially damaging it.

Cleaning Metal Jewelry

The first sign of wear that you're likely to see on your fine jewelry will be dulled metal. How you clean it is going to be based on the type of metal you have:

  • Gold. A soft brush and warm water (or special jewelry cleaning solution) should be used to clean off gold. 24kt gold will be the most likely to scratch; it's purer gold and will therefore be softer. While gold is very heavy, it's actually a particularly soft metal, and consequently prone to scratching. If your gold has become scratched and dim, a jeweler can polish it.
  • Silver. Silver can be gently wiped down with warm water and a jewelry cleaning cloth. For a better clean, you can use a special jewelry cleaning solution (not regular soap). Silver should be dried thoroughly as, otherwise, it may appear to be stained.
  • Platinum. Platinum should not become tarnished. If platinum is dirty, it can be gently cleaned with a soft brush; platinum is a very hard metal. If platinum has become scratched or scuffed, it will need to be polished like gold.
  • Plated materials. Plated materials are a special case. They can be gently cleaned with a soft cleaning cloth, but you should note that eventually, the plated material may wear off. If this is the case, a jeweler may be able to plate it again.

If you're in doubt of the type of metal you have, it's best to bring it to a jeweler.

Cleaning Precious Gems

Precious gems can be lightly brushed with a very soft brush and cleaner such as dish soap. Dawn, in particular, tends to have very little residue and be very gentle as a cleaner (though you should avoid anything "moisturizing" because that will have lotion in it). Different gems have different levels of hardness. Diamonds are practically indestructible, but emeralds are a little softer. Keep this in mind when handling. There are also ultrasonic cleaners available, but you should take care when using ultrasonic cleaners because they can potentially damage jewelry or loosen gems from settings. Inspect your jewelry carefully after using an ultrasonic cleaner and avoid using a cleaner with anything particularly valuable.

Cleaning Pearls

Pearls are unique because they can be quite soft and fragile. You will want to clean pearls with something very delicate like a makeup brush. Do not dip pearls in water, because this could damage the string that they're attached to. Instead, lay the pearls out and gently rub each pearl with the makeup brush and a gentle soap or cleaner.

You should dry your pearls very thoroughly before you wash them. If it seems as though your pearls have become loose, you may need to get them restrung. This is perfectly normal. Pearls are usually strung on silk which will start to stretch over time. Restringing them will bring your pearls back to their prior form.

At Occasions Fine Jewelry, we provide jewelry cleaning services. If you have questions about the jewelry you currently own, or jewelry you're going to purchase, contact us today.

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