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How to Shop for Halo Engagement Rings?

How to Shop for Halo Engagement Rings?

If you’re going to invest money into an expensive piece of jewelry, you want to make sure that you’re fully educated before you make that decision. This is particularly important when you’re looking for a halo engagement ring because it is such a unique and special design.

What is a Halo Engagement Ring?

A halo engagement ring is a unique ring design where the center stone is surrounded by many tiny stones like a halo. The most popular shape that it comes in is a circle.

Why Choose a Halo Engagement Ring?

A halo means that there are accent stones that surround a center gem. They’re popular for a variety of reasons.

The appearance of a larger center stone

If you have a stone of a certain size, and you want it to appear larger, sometimes putting a halo or diamonds around that center stone can give it a larger appearance.

It allows you to play with other gem shapes

This includes shapes such as oval or square shapes. For instance, you can put a square-shaped center stone with baguettes around it as a halo.

More sparkle

If you put more gemstones around the diamond, you’re going to get a whole lot of sparkle.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Halo Engagement Ring

The profile

Halo engagement rings can have a flat profile or a slightly rounded profile that sticks out. This is important to know, because when you try to put a straight wedding band up against the latter, they won’t fit flush together. The wedding band can twist and when it does, it will act like a saw. So, it’s not recommended to put a wedding band up against an engagement ring that has something sticking out because it will wear away the metal.

The design of your wedding band

You want to ensure that the halo engagement ring you pick complements the design of your wedding band. For example, if you’re looking for more finger coverage, you can’t go wrong with a double halo engagement ring. A double halo ring is a bigger, louder look that’s suitable for someone with a fiery personality. It goes well with a shared prong wedding band as it’s not too dainty and adds extra texture to the set, giving it a nice contrast. Also, it complements the ring without taking any sparkle or attention away from the engagement band.

What’s more, the diamonds on the engagement ring should be the same size as the diamonds on the wedding band. This is to ensure that the wedding ring doesn’t overpower the engagement ring; it just accents it. For instance, a great way to add some contrast to the soft shape of the circle is to opt for a kite-shaped or a diamond-shaped wedding band that is angular.

Color match the gems

You also want to make sure that the side diamonds are color matched to the center diamond so that they blend seamlessly together. That is, of course, unless you’re going for a halo alternative where you’re consciously adding a splash of color by surrounding the center stone with differently colored round stones. But that will look different and more appropriate than, say, side diamonds that look whiter or yellower than the main diamond. The goal here is to ensure that the ring sparkles on your finger from all angles.

The centering of the diamond

Ideally, the center diamond should be set low into the halo in order to give the effect of a seamless sparkle. Why? Because the problem with jacking the diamond high up from the halo is that it breaks the seamless sparkle effect. When you turn your ring from side to side, you should not see any gaps, it should be proportional to the center stone. It’s also more practical because that center diamond is then protected by the outer rim of diamonds known as “the halo.”


Halo settings are classic and it’s a design that’s used in a lot of different types of rings. However, you can make it even lovelier by adding a dash of color to your halo and surrounding the center stone with different colored stones. A few examples of colors to play around with include pink rounds and yellow rounds. The goal is to make sure that you’re not overpowering the center diamond; just enhance it.

Consider the setting

Halo rings are also available in different settings. There are halo rings that are delicately set with accented prongs, and they usually have a thicker band. Then you have the cathedral setting, which is when the shank or band comes up to meet the center stone with an open gallery underneath.

With the scalloped pave setting, the diamonds are more inlaid into the band so each should have four prongs holding each tiny little diamond. A ring with shared prongs means there’s a diamond, two prongs, and another diamond, so they’re sharing a set of prongs with their neighboring diamond.

Then you have a basket setting which is more encased and will feel really low to the hand. It also allows the band to look really dainty in comparison with the center stone.

A lot of halos are usually cathedral set as this helps to support all of those accents and the center diamond as well. A graceful split shank setting looks very balanced from the top and opens up nicely and dramatically from the center stone. What you don’t want to see with this design is a big gap between the halo and the center diamond. Ideally, the halo should be nice and snug against the center stone.

Another example would be a vintage-inspired ring with brilliant round cut diamonds that are arranged in marquee shapes or alternating shapes with a marquee/round setting.

The shape of the halo

The shape of the halo ring depends on the shape of the center stone as well as the shape of the setting. You could get a pear-shaped halo, a floral halo, or a traditional, perfectly round halo. A chevron shape is another option if you have an engagement ring that has something sticking out in the center.

If none of those styles appeal to you, you can go for more fun designs that can be worn as part of a stack and help you to add a bit of personality.

Common issues to look out for when shopping for halo rings

To avoid buyer’s remorse, there are some common issues you want to keep in mind when shopping for your halo engagement ring. For instance, you may find that the center diamond is set too high up the halo, causing a height disparity.

Sometimes the size of the halo is too bulky around the center diamond. Or perhaps you may not like the way the shape of the halo fits into the center stone.

To avoid ending up with a ring like this, make sure the center diamond is set low and close to resting on that halo. This creates a seamless effect or a seamless sparkle. This prevents this big ugly gap between the center diamond and the halo from happening. This gap can happen when you get any center stone and plop it onto any halo setting without customizing the former to the latter. The perfect halo ring should be custom fitted so that the center diamond is set low next to it and not raised or set up high.

What’s more, when the diamonds are too bulky around the center diamond, this can create an optical illusion that makes the center diamond look small. You want the center diamond to take center stage and look massive, no matter how small it is, and the supporting diamonds should be proportional to the center of the halo.

Determine what you want

If you’re reading this, then you already know what kind of ring design you want, a halo. But not all halo rings are the same and it all depends on whether it’s a designer piece, a no-name piece, a custom piece, or even a vintage estate piece. A vintage-inspired halo ring, for example, typically has milgrain detail and although it gives off a vintage feel, it still has modern elements to it. Instead of being a continuous circle, it usually has a cushion shape with some points and divots. This type of ring gives off loads of sparkle. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong, but it all depends on what your fiancée wants.


How do I know I’m buying a real diamond?

When it comes to buying diamonds, four things there are four things you need to know that determine the value of the stone and what you have to pay for it. These include the cut, clarity, carat, and color, also known as the “Four Cs”. The bigger the stone, the more it will cost due to these four important factors.

Is it safe to buy diamonds online?

Yes, it is safe to buy diamonds online, but it’s advisable to buy from trusted sources where you can return the stone. You should also make sure that the warranty provides a warranty with each purchase. Read the fine print and make sure the center stone is covered and read the fine print.

The benefit of buying online from a place like Occasions Fine Jewelry & Gifts is that you’re in a no-pressure sales situation, you can clearly see what you buy and take your time comparing between different options. Also, you should always bring the stone to an independent appraiser once you’ve received it. This is to make sure that you didn’t get a fake stone and it protects you and your investment. Contact us in Midland, TX today to learn more!

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