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How to Take Off Earrings with Safety Back

How to Take Off Earrings with Safety Back

If you’re a fan of jewelry or shopping around for a gift for someone special, you’ve probably noticed that there are several styles of earrings from which you can choose. There are hoops, dangles, studs, huggies, chandelier earrings, tassel earrings and – one of the newest popular styles – ear crawlers. Studs and other small earrings on a simple post are usually the most recommended when getting a new piercing. There are even more choices as to how you can secure these earrings, especially if you’re choosing a post earring style. They might have safety backs, butterfly backs, flat backs or locking latch backs. Safety backs, like their name insinuates, are often the safest closures, giving a lot of security in their design. This makes them very popular among parents, who might be putting pierced earrings on their baby or child. Also known as starter earrings, safety back earrings feature a locking clutch design and a rounded back. The locking design in safety back earrings’ clasp help secure the earrings and ensure they don’t fall off. In this article, Occasions Fine Jewelry will discuss how to remove these super secure earrings with a safety back closure. 

Make Sure the Timing is Right

First off, if you’re taking off a safety back from a child or baby and this is their first piercing, you’ll want to wait the recommended time by the piercer or jeweler to remove them. Do not remove the earrings until the time recommended – usually at least six to eight weeks – has passed.

The earlobe needs this amount of time to heal the piercing and ensure that it will last a lifetime. The golden rule is that new earrings should always be kept clean and dry, and healing time depends largely on how you care for your new piercing. The piercing area should be cleaned up to three times a day during those first six to eight weeks. You also need to fully rotate the piercing in its hole to prevent the earring posts from sticking to your skin. Good care for your freshly pierced ears will improve your healing. Then when it’s time to take them off, you should be ready to go! 

Time to Get Hands On

Safety back earrings work well to hold earrings securely onto your baby or child, especially if they are active of fussy. Also known as starter earrings, these earrings feature a locking clutch design and a rounded back. Safety clasp earrings are part of the safest earring clasp (hence the name) and help secure the earrings. But that security also means that taking them off is a little bit more of a process. Before attempting to take off a safety back earring, make sure you wash your hands with soap and clean water. Then dry your hands with a clean towel or let them air dry.

You’re going to need both hands to take off earrings with a safety back, so get comfortable with your child. Hold the earring post between your index finger and thumb of one hand. Then, using your other hand, pull out the backing firmly.

If you find that the earring gets stuck in the ear, you have a few options to keep the child safe and clean. Many times, buildup of product or skin cells can get clog in the piercing hole or attach to the earring itself. You can use an alcohol swab, a cotton pad, or a Q-Tip dipped in alcohol. Simply swipe the swab around the earring post and back, trying to get the piercing as moist as possible. Once the earring is lost, you can follow up with water so that the alcohol does not bother the baby.

Another option would be using a hemostat, a small surgical tool used in many surgical procedures to control bleeding. You can find these at most drug stores. When using a hemostat, clean it first with alcohol and use it the same way you might use your fingers. The clamping action of the tool might be able to give you a much better grip.

You can clean off the posts and back of the earring, especially if they are made of fine metals like gold, platinum, or silver, and store them in an airtight container or jewelry box. You could also swap your baby’s piercing holes with an alcohol swab to ensure that you are keeping the piercing at the highest quality clean. 

Taking Care of Yourself

What do you do when your safety back earrings are in your ears? If this is the case, you’ll want to follow the same steps above: ensure you’ve waited the length of time your piercer has suggested for new piercings and start by washing your hands with soap and clean water.

Once you’ve done that, you can use either the manual technique described earlier, or a hemostat as discussed. Do keep in mind that the hemostat method might be difficult to do on yourself, as you won’t be able to see the small details of the tool or the earring’s parts. You could utilize a stationary mirror, like the one in your bathroom, to help you see at the correct angle. Regardless of the technique you use, remind yourself that when taking off your safety back earrings off yourself, you don’t want to use too much momentum or pressure. This might cause you to tear the earlobe or, at the very least, cause you pain. The pain will go away after a few moments though, but a torn earlobe will need to be seen by a doctor. Move slowly and steadily to ensure you are giving yourself the best possible outcome when taking off your earrings with a safety back.

Make It Easy to Take Off Earrings with a Safety Back

Safety back earrings provide an extra layer of security for newly pierced individuals, whether for yourself of a child in your life. But, if you follow our steps and use clean hands and tools, you’ll find that it’s exceptionally easy to take them on and off. If you ever wonder again how to take off earrings with a safety back, simply check back with this article to ensure you are safely handling your jewelry and your new piercing can stay with you forever. Contact us in Midland, TX if you have any questions!

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