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How to Untangle a Fine Jewelry Chain?

How to Untangle a Fine Jewelry Chain?

It's happened to everyone. You take a delicate chain out of a box, and it's somehow wrapped itself into knots. It can happen pretty much any time a chain is stored — and you don't want to just pull on those knots because a fine chain can get damaged. Not to worry, there are a fewthings you can do to make the process easier.

Untangling a Fine Jewelry Chain

There's a reason you shouldn't just try to pull apart the knots. Fine jewelry chains can get easily damaged. When they knot, they are under a lot of stress. They are being held at an angle the chain shouldn't be held at, which can lead to permanent kinks in the way that the chain falls. So, while you can go it slowly with a pair of tweezers, you probably want to make sure that the chain isn't experiencing unnecessary damage or friction.

Use Baby Powder

The first thing you can try is to add baby powder into the mix. Put your chain on a soft cloth, douse with baby powder, and then gently try to ease the knots out. Baby powder serves as a lubricant between the chain links, hopefully allowing you to untangle the knots without having to pull. You should never be pulling or be aggressive with a fine jewelry chain, as it can potentially snap. Once your chain has been untangled, you can rinse off the baby powder, and it should look like new again. Make sure to completely wash the powder off as it can act like an abrasive over time.

Suspend in Soapy Water

If you have a thin, lightweight chain, consider suspending it in soapy water. Get a bowl filled with either dish soap or even a hair conditioner. Gently work apart the knots under the water, where the buoyancy may be able to help you separate the knots. Once you've gotten the knots out, you should thoroughly rinse the chain and then dry it to prevent any dulling. Don't use any types of harsh cleaners or soap when trying to clean a chain, as that could actually dull the finish of the metal.

Take It to a Jeweler

If you can't get tangles out of your chain without starting to pull on it, you should take it to the jeweler. They have special tools for exactly this purpose and will be able to do it without potentially damaging the chain. If there are a lot of knots in the chain, it's possible the chain has already become a little deformed and kinked. These are issues that a jeweler can fix but that are likely impossible to fix at home.

Preventing Future Tangles

The easiest way to prevent future tangles in a fine jewelry chain is to keep it properly stored. Chains should usually be stored in a way that they can't get tangled, such as on a necklace form. This prevents them from getting damaged. When chains tangle, there's always the potential that they could get permanently bent, or that they could get scratched or even broken. It's better to avoid the situation altogether.

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