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How to Wear a Pendant Necklace?

How to Wear a Pendant Necklace?

Necklace pendants are frequently referred to simply as "pendants" in the jewelry industry. Pendants are ornaments that hang on a chain for a necklace. Numerous styles, sizes, and designs are available, including gemstones, pearls, and fun statement-making designs. A pendant necklace can change the look of your outfit in a snap, but the key is to match it well with what you wear. If you are unsure how to match the perfect pendant necklace with your outfit, we're here to help.

The Pendant History

The piece of jewelry known as a pendant usually hangs from a necklace, although it can also occasionally be on a bracelet or even a pair of earrings. Ancient artwork depicts early Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all proudly wearing necklaces with dramatic pendants, demonstrating that these charms have been around for thousands of years.

A form of pendant called Reliquaries, which were made to hold holy relics, were frequently worn by people in the Middle Ages, resembling the likes of pendant necklaces today.

How to Wear a Pendant Necklace

Large Pendants

If you're wearing a large pendant, you should complement it with smaller items. Keep it basic by only wearing a few rings and a small jewelry band on your arms. Most importantly, avoid wearing your favorite dangly or hoops earrings, as it can take away from the striking pendant you are wearing.

Bouquet Pendants

These statement-style pendants are usually colorful and chunky. Some people love to display affection for these large statement necklaces by exquisitely accessorizing their simple tops and blazers or granting a more elegant look by partnering it with a dress for a special occasion or work.

Choker Pendants

Choker pendants pair well with any casual free look. Create a mystical boho look with a feather or sun-crafted cord pendant. Go modern and chic with a metallic choker and pendant. Choker pendants are often paired with longer pendant necklaces to create a layered necklace look.

Long Chain Pendants

We advise going with slightly longer chain necklaces (around 20 to 24-inch range.), with a medium or large pendant that hangs in the middle of your chest. This way, you are adding style and a bit of elegance as well. Pair with high collars. Avoid V-necks when wearing long chain pendants, as long-chain pendants are guided towards lowering the eye instead of raising the eyes, which is what you want from a V-neckline.

Pairing With Outfits

When it comes to wearing a pendant necklace, ensure that your pendant and outfit colors complement each other. You can quickly achieve this when the pendant and your outfit are plain colored. Avoid styling flashy stone pendants and patterned shirts, as it can make your final look overly busy; if you must, try to match your pendant to the primary color to create depth and texture to upgrade your look.

Know Your Neckline

If you wear a pendant, it is vital to know that some tops or dresses can be worn with pendant necklaces, while others can't be worn with pendant necklaces. For example:

Strapless - Naturally, wearing a strapless, you show more skin. With strapless necklines, you should be cautious about wearing necklaces that draw too much attention to your bust. Long-chain and large pendants should be avoided, opting more for a dainty choker-style pendant.
V-Neck Neckline - V-necklines, of course, draw attention to the cleavage. When pairing, go for a pendant necklace that rests about two inches above the point of the V, and keep it dainty for the pendant no more than one inch in diameter. Avoid statement pendants necklaces.
The Sweetheart Neckline - You will want to keep things classic and straightforward when pairing a pendant necklace. You will want to opt for a princess-length chain or dainty choker chain that features a delicate style pendant at the end. Nothing bulky or chunky.
Turtleneck - Turtlenecks are well suited for long-chain pendants (24 to 24 "inches), elongating your silhouette. Medium to longer strands with a larger pendant works very well too. With no skin showing, there's a lot of room for creating some great contrast with the color of your top, and the longer necklace style sways and moves with you, creating a fantastic organic look to your outfit.
Scoop Neckline - Some people might say you can pair any length necklace with a scoop. We opt for round pendants like a cameo or locket. Layered necklaces and dainty choker pendants work best too. Nothing boxy or square, though.
Boat Neck - The best necklace for a boat neckline would be a long pendant necklace that rides down. Try a mid-size chain with a. Similarly, a mid-size necklace with a statement pendant could work wonders on your outfit. 
Pendants and Accessories

When it comes to knowing how to wear a pendant, it is critical to remember that adding other accessories is best to keep it to a minimum. A simple ring, bracelet, or stud earring can be okay. Dangly or hooped earrings should be avoided because they might clash with your necklace battling for attention.

Pendant Wearing According to Height

One thing to watch for when wearing pendant necklaces is If you are petite, be aware of the length of your pendant necklace. Too long of a pendant necklace can drag you down, making you look shorter than you are.

The Style Is Yours

While we give you these guidelines and hope you find them helpful. Freedom is yours overall. Remember to consider the occasion when wearing your pendant necklace. Are you going to a formal event? You may want to stick to the guidelines more. Weekend? Bust out your boldest pendant for a style that is you.

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