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How to Wear Multiple Rings

How to Wear Multiple Rings

You've got a whole collection of rings and you want to show them off!

But how can you wear multiple rings at the same time? Let's take a deeper look.

Practical Level: What Size Are Your Rings?

For most people, their rings are vastly different sizes. A ring finger ring isn't going to fit on a thumb or index finger.

So, you actually do need to engage in some planning if you're thinking about wearing multiple rings.

Tightening Your Rings

It's generally not a good idea to wear multiple rings at once if they are really tight on your fingers. This can cause circulation issues, so it's best to leave them off.

If more than one ring is very loose on you, you may be able to tighten the bands by adding some extra material or cutting some material out.

A jeweler should be able to do this for you, or there may be a way to do it yourself.

Should You Mix and Match Metals?

Some rings come in sets, so this works out well. But if you've got two or more separate rings from different places, it can be a bit of a challenge to get them all to match. There's nothing wrong with mixing metals. If you like the look, go for it! Just make sure that your metals are in good enough condition that they won't be rubbing against each other and causing damage.

How Can You Match Stones?

One of the most common ways to wear multiple rings is by matching stones. If your ring set has stones of various colors, you can wear them all together without worrying about mixing metals. You may also be able to purchase additional bands that match your original ring's stone color.

Can You Stack Rings on Your Fingers?

It's very common to wear two or more rings on the same finger. What matters is how they fit together. If they fit awkwardly together they aren't going to look right. A ring with a large central stone usually doesn't look right next to other rings, whereas some rings are intentionally billed as being "stackable."

Stackable rings are designed so that nothing sticks out too far above or below them, which means they can fit closely together. Usually, they are varied in size, too, so you can create a stack of a thin ring, large ring, medium ring, and so forth. Varying the sizes of your rings helps!

How Many Rings Are Too Many Rings?

If you're going for a casual look, two rings can be totally fine! Another rule is to vary the types of rings. If there are three cocktail rings and one set ring that's a little different, it doesn't look as strange as wearing four cocktail sets.

Some people look natural with dozens of rings on, literally. Other people really want to keep it to two or three rings. And the size of the ring matters, too. A large statement ring can be "worth" several other rings.

How Can You Wear Multiple Rings on Different Fingers?

You may want your rings to be on different fingers, but you can still wear them together. Just think about how they look when you try them out. Different rings may look great on some fingers, while some fingers might actually better accommodate stacking rings or wearing two different engagement rings together.

Do keep in mind the fact that because rings do come in different sizes, you may need to buy a stackable set for each ring finger that you want to be adorned. You're going to have to plan ahead to really create a cohesive look and style.

Best Practices for Wearing Multiple Rings

It's a good idea to wear the same type of ring on each finger. For example, don't wear a wedding band and a promise ring or two friendship rings if they aren't exactly the same style.

The combination of engagement and wedding rings look great on some women, while others choose just to have one ring on their left hand.

Not everyone likes to wear rings on both hands, but some people do find it stylish.

Consider "balancing" yourself out. Wear two rings on a single finger on one hand and one ring on two fingers on the other.

Also, consider varying the size and color of the rings so you don't look too "copy and paste" or try to have commonality between the rings if you want a more "polished and put together" look.

The truth is that you can really have fun with ring styles if you do this and you can essentially do what you want. There are no hard and fast rules or traditions when it comes to multiple rings.

What you do need to keep in mind, on a practical level, is that rings can damage each other if they get too close. When you mix metals, consider that something hard like titanium is eventually going to eat through softer silver or gold.

Also, consider that having multiple rings that are extremely ornate may look more like a statement of wealth than a statement of fashion. If you want to be more austere about your wealth, consider only wearing two or three rings at a time, rather than wearing your entire jewelry box to a single occasion!

Finding the Perfect Rings

Bottom line: you can wear multiple rings however you want. A lot of times, it's just up to personal preference. Mix metals and colors for a dramatic, bold look.

Try to match metal colors and stones if you're going for a specific statement. Keep your clothing colors in mind.

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