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How to Wear Rings as a Man

How to Wear Rings as a Man

No one should ever say that a man shouldn't wear rings. Necklaces, rings, bracelets; all look great on men. But, of course, wearing a ring as a man can feel different.

What are some of the more popular ring styles for men?

How should you wear rings if you are a man?

What Ring Styles Are Popular for Men?

Men can wear any type of ring. That being said, many men go after larger jewelry and thick rings. You may also opt to have your rings made of tungsten, titanium, or stainless steel since they are more durable than the other materials. Although, white gold, platinum, and 14k gold are all still very popular choices.

Men usually like to wear either bands, class rings, or simple wedding bands. These rings are all good choices for men since they can be worn on any occasion; a lot of men like to put on their rings and never take them off. Some men prefer engraved or personalized rings. However, your personal tastes shouldn't be unduly impacted by the tastes of others.

In recent years, many men have looked at carbon fiber rings, dinosaur bone rings, meteorite rings, and fossil rings; these are non-traditional ring materials that are very exciting and interesting. Most men don't have gems on their rings except for class rings but again, that shouldn't influence you!

What Do Men Need to Consider When Selecting Rings?

Quite a few men don't know their ring size. You should have your fingers professionally sized. Ring size also changes throughout the day. So, this is especially true if you're buying a ring that can't be resized (such as a titanium ring) or if you're buying a ring that's particularly expensive.

Men who work with their hands should consider that their ring might get damaged. Many men who work with machines are discouraged from wearing anything more than a silicone ring habitually because it can be dangerous otherwise.

Another thing to consider is men's rings are physically larger than women's rings. For that reason alone, a man's ring might actually cost more than a women's ring if it's made of a precious material such as gold.

Do Men Get Engagement Rings?

Engagement rings are usually worn by women but more and more women are getting them for their significant others, or men and women are buying engagement ring sets together. This is a great tradition and, in this case, the man's ring and the women's ring usually match.

How Do Men Wear Wedding Rings?

There is no one way to wear rings! There's only what you're most comfortable with But since wedding bands and engagement rings are often designed to match, men usually like to wear them on the same finger: the left hand. They can also be worn on the right hand or even both hands; it's up to you and your partner. People who are left-handed have the option of wearing rings on their right hands if they're more comfortable with that.

Can Men Wear Multiple Rings?

Some men hesitate to wear multiple rings because they can be very noticeable. However, multiple rings can be a great conversation starter and set you off from the rest of the crowd. Just remember that multiple rings might rub up against each other if they are adjacent or stacked. Make sure that the rings you have that are made of harder metals aren't around the rings that are made of softer metals.

How Should You Take Care of Your Rings?

A lot of men's rings don't need to be cleaned nearly as often as women's rings do. This is a combination of things. First, men tend to select materials that are more durable, so they don't need to be polished up. Second, men don't tend to have as many gems, which can catch dust.

Just make sure you remove your ring before doing anything that might cause it to get dirty or scratched up. That being said, men's rings should be polished regularly so they look nice and shiny. Metal can tarnish over time if not taken care of properly.

To keep it looking nice, you can use a combination of gentle soap and water, toothpaste, baking soda with lemon juice, or have your ring polished professionally.

What Other Accessories Can Men Wear?

It may seem like there are only three options for men's accessories: hats, watches, and rings. However, many men like to wear bracelets! The most common types of bracelets are made from fabric, leather, or metal (such as stainless steel).

Some men even prefer wearing multiple bracelet styles at the same time. Bracelets and watches complement each other well. Bracelets draw the eye up toward your face; watches tend to make a smaller wrist look bigger.

And, of course, you can wear anything you want, including necklaces. It's becoming more popular for men to wear accessories of any kind.

If you're looking for something more traditional, of course, there are options, too. If you wear ties frequently, you can get a tie pin. These will decorate your tie and keep you looking sharp. Likewise, if you're frequently in button-down shirts, consider getting some cuff links. Cuff links can be used to accentuate your look as well as to display your personality. Because cuff links are so small and unobtrusive, they can be a little more daring, too.

How Do You Find Men's Rings?

Technically any ring is a man's ring! You can look for different styles, colors, metals, and gems as suit you. Unlike things like shoes and pants, men's jewelry and women's jewelry have the same sizing charts. So, if you find a ring that you like, you can wear it.

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