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How to Wear Two Rings

How to Wear Two Rings

Have you ever stacked two rings on a single finger and felt that it looked awkward, but been unable to pinpoint why? Maybe you put two rings on adjacent fingers, but they still felt odd.

Jewelry on the body has to be "balanced." That's why it appears strange if you have a dozen necklaces but no bracelets or rings. It draws too much attention to one part of your body. Sort of like a "hat on a hat."

But you can wear two rings or even more if you make sure that they're balanced, that their styles match, and that they are comfortable.

Mixing and Matching Metal in Two Rings

Gold and silver jewelry can be mixed and matched on the same finger, but it's important to use the same type of gold (yellow, rose, or white) or silver (fine, sterling, or platinum) in order to achieve balance.

If you have a ring with a yellow gold setting and want to add a silver band, for example, place the silver band on a finger other than the one with the gold ring.

Or if you have a sterling silver ring and want to add a gold band, place the gold band on the same finger as the silver ring.

It's also important to make sure that both rings are the same size. If they're not, it will look as if one ring is trying to take over the other.

Can You Mix Designs and Styles for Two Rings?

If you're wearing two rings, it's important to make sure that their styles match. You don't want one ring to compete with the other. There are exceptions, of course. But you usually have more freedom with 3+ rings than two rings, because two rings really feel like they have to "match."

For example, if you have a solitaire diamond ring and want to add a simple gold band, they can both have a simple style and still look good together.

But if you have an intricate gold ring and want to add a solitaire diamond ring, the styles will compete with each other and it won't look as good.

Wearing Two Rings on the Same Finger

If you're wearing two rings on the same finger, it's important to make sure that they are comfortable. You don't want them to pinch or feel tight. If they both have "square" cut bands, they may actually start pinching your skin between them.

And style does matter. If you have two giant class rings, for instance, they are going to feel very overwhelming. But if you have two thin bands, they can probably look classy and elegant regardless of their material.

Wearing Two Rings on the Same Hand

It's also possible to wear two rings on the same hand, but it's much more limiting. You can't mix and match metals because they'll have to be the same type (gold or silver). And you can't mix and match designs because they'll have to be the same style.

But if you find two rings that are the perfect style and material, they can look very nice together.

If you want to wear two rings that are disparate styles, gems, and settings, consider throwing on a third ring. While it may seem counterintuitive, adding more rings creates a sort of "melange" and a universal aesthetic. Just having two very different items can feel visually confusing, while a third can create a general riff on a theme.

Wearing Two Rings on Separate Hands

It's also possible to wear two rings on separate hands. This gives you the most freedom because you can mix and match metals, styles, and sizes. But you should still have roughly the same type of ring on each hand.

If you want to wear different styles of rings but you don't want to be "visually unbalanced," consider adding a bracelet on the hand that feels "light." A small ring paired with a bracelet can counter a larger ring on the other hand.

How Two Rings Differ from Multiple Rings

Three or four rings are easier to combine into an overall fashion statement. When you have two rings, you need to make sure that they match each other just right, which can be a challenge.

But that doesn't mean that two rings should be abandoned. Two rings can be easier if you're wearing one ring on each hand because they don't really distract from each other.

And there's the most classic two-ring situation...

The "Problem" of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

When a woman gets married, she often wears an engagement ring and a wedding band. The two rings can be very different in style (one can be large and ornate while the other is thin and simple) or they can be similar.

But because they are different, they often create a "problem" when worn together. Which ring should be on the top and which should be on the bottom? Will they damage each other?

A way to avoid this is to purchase a wedding ring set that includes the wedding ring and the engagement ring. Often, they are designed to fit together so the woman doesn't need to worry about any of the above.

Can Wearing Two Rings Damage Them?

One of the biggest concerns about wearing two rings is that they will damage each other. But as long as you're careful, this shouldn't be a problem. The major issue comes when rings have delicate stone settings. Antique rings tend to be a little more delicate than modern rings.

When you clean your rings, take the time to test each gem and see if it's coming loose. For more expensive rings (such as engagement rings), consider taking them to a jeweler and getting them cleaned and set.

If you're simply wearing multiple metal bands (or you're wearing fashion jewelry rather than fine jewelry) the concern around damaging the rings becomes significantly less.

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