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How to Wear Wedding Rings

How to Wear Wedding Rings

You're about to get married. You're going to have to start wearing your wedding ring. But it's a very long tradition with a lot to get right.

How should you wear your wedding ring?

Do you wear it on the right hand or the left?

Place it above or underneath other rings, and how tight should you wear it?

The correct way to wear your wedding ring depends on the type of ring you have.

There are several different types of wedding rings to choose from, and this guide to wearing wedding bands will help you get it right every time.

How to Wear an Engagement Ring Before You're Married

You may be tempted to wear your engagement ring on your right hand before the big day, but you should actually slip this precious piece of jewelry onto your left finger. Putting it anywhere else is considered bad luck, and doing so before you walk down the aisle can lead to dire consequences.

Many people think that you're supposed to wear your engagement ring on your right hand before you get married. But that's false. Actually, it's a misunderstanding. You should wear any other ring as a "right-hand ring" so it's not confused with an engagement ring.

More than that, you want to know your left-hand size so you can size your wedding ring properly. Often, people's right-hand ring size and left-hand ring size differ!

Where to Wear Wedding Rings If You're Left-Handed

Left-handed people often wear their wedding rings on their right hand. This isn't just to celebrate uniqueness, it's practical. The reason people put their rings on their left hand is that it's non-dominant, so the ring is less likely to get damaged. It makes sense to always have your ring on your non-dominant hand. This is also why watches usually go on the non-dominant hand.

If you're a southpaw, it's okay to wear your wedding band on your right hand but be aware that it may confuse people. People always look for a wedding ring on the left hand first. If this doesn't bother you, wear it wherever it's most comfortable.

How to Wear Wedding Rings With an Engagement Ring

If you're used to wearing your engagement ring on your right hand, it can be confusing when you transition to your wedding band on the same hand. Don't worry too much about it, though. Most wedding rings are designed with this in mind. In fact, you can even buy wedding ring sets that come with both the wedding band and engagement band.

You can wear your wedding band above or below your engagement ring, it really depends on how the rings are designed and what you prefer. Some designs are made with a preference for one way or another. If you're looking for a tradition, mostly the wedding ring will go on top.

How to Wear Wedding Rings With Other Rings

If you're wearing other types of rings, it's time to get creative. If you have a thinner wedding band, go ahead and put fancy rings on both hands. You can also mix and match your wedding ring with other rings from the same finger, but be careful about what you're wearing on either side of your ring.

If you wear titanium rings around a gold ring, for instance, the malleable metal of the gold ring can get scratched and scraped.

Simple wedding rings are perfect to mix and match with other bands on the left hand, but if you're wearing a more ornate ring, you'll need to do some homework first. Either take it to a jeweler or at minimum compare the profiles of the rings. If there are edges that could catch on your wedding ring, it may be a no-go; there just won't be a solution that also protects your ring.

If you're wondering about whether you should wear your ring "over" or "under" other rings, there's really no direct answer. While some people will authoritatively claim that your wedding ring has to be over other rings, there are certain ring designs that just don't allow for this.

If your major concern is propriety, simply don't wear any other rings on the same finger. If it's about style, just balance it out with more rings in other areas and it should look great.

How to Take Care of Your Wedding Rings

If you want to make your wedding ring last a lifetime, it's important to treat it carefully. For instance, consider keeping your ring box on your nightstand and putting your ring away at night. If you have to take your ring off, always be mindful of where you put it. Wear gloves when doing work with your hands.

If you want to protect the finish and the shine of your ring, you should avoid wearing it when cleaning, cooking, gardening, or doing anything else that involves harsh chemicals. In addition to never storing your ring with other metals, you also shouldn't clean it with chemical-laden solutions.

When your ring does require a good cleaning, never use toothpaste or household cleaners. Instead, use gentle dish soap or mild detergent and then rinse it with cold water.

Ideally, you should take your wedding ring and your engagement ring to the jeweler every once in a while, to be cleaned and polished. Not only will they be able to shine up your jewelry to make it look new again, but they can also make sure that no gems are falling out of the settings.

Finding the Right Wedding Rings

Before you can wear your wedding rings correctly, you need to actually purchase them.

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