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Our Complete Guide to Necklaces

Our Complete Guide to Necklaces

It is fairly easy to accentuate the neckline with pops of color and beautiful stones, which is why cultures around the world have independently created and utilized a variety of styles of necklaces. Today, we still use many of these styles in our daily wear to feel beautiful, and when you set out to choose a type of necklace for yourself or an outfit, there is a wide selection of shapes, materials, and styles for you to choose from. 

To help you find the perfect necklace, we have created this guide to outline the many styles that you can wear.  

Diamond Necklaces

Say it with diamonds. Diamonds have been fashionable for many centuries, as a durable, long-lasting, and beautiful gem. If you're interested in diamond necklaces, you've come to the right place. Let's explore what diamond necklaces mean, why they're so important, and what you should do if you want to get a diamond necklace.

What do Diamond Necklaces Represent?

A long time ago, diamonds represented stars; in fact, in some origin stories, people even thought that they were fallen stars. Diamonds have always been rare and prized, because they were difficult to mine, attractive, and found in many types. Today, most people are used to the brilliant, white diamond. But there are actually many colors of diamond, and most diamonds aren't as clear as the ones cut for gems.

Because diamonds are so durable, they were often used in tools and frameworks. They got a reputation for being very hardy, which is also what led to the idea of diamonds being "forever." Diamonds have been hardy and long-lasting for a long time. When used in jewelry, they were often clear diamonds that were cut to shine brilliantly. This also meant that diamonds eventually got a reputation for purity, innocence, and honesty.

It's understandable, then, that diamond necklaces are often seen as a romantic gift. Because diamonds last for so long and because the reputation of diamonds is not only that they are "forever," but also that they are pure, diamonds have long been associated with romance and weddings.

When choosing a diamond necklace, consider that not all diamonds do need to be white. Some of the most fun diamonds are diamonds that are a little more unusual. 

What Are Your 3 Most Popular Diamond Necklaces?

  • Solitaire Necklace. A solitaire diamond necklace really puts the diamond itself on show; it's popular because it goes with absolutely everything.
  • The Ring Necklace. This triple ring necklace is as artistic as it is interesting, which also makes it an engaging conversation piece.
  • The Hand. This spiritual hand is decked out in small diamonds, making it a lovely reference to the wearer's own inner peace.

Gemstone Necklaces

A gemstone necklace can represent an extraordinary number of things. If you're interested in buying gemstone necklaces, you're going to need to dig a little deeper into the stones themselves. And, of course, meanings matter, but appearances matter, too. Let's take a deeper look.

What Do Gemstone Necklaces Represent?

A gemstone necklace generally represents what the stone itself represents. It all depends on the types of rubric you're following. For instance, if you're looking for anniversary presents, you should be aware that there are different stones for each anniversary. Before you buy a gemstone necklace in Midland TX, you should look it up. 

If you're looking at horoscopes, you should be aware that everyone has their own birthstone. January is garnet. So, a gemstone necklace would represent someone born in January, if that's the type of symbolism you were looking for.

And each gemstone also has its own mystical characteristics. Rose quartz is said to be serene, soothing, and loving, for instance, whereas amethyst is said to be mystical and powerful. Malachite is known as a healing stone and clear quartz is known for divination.

Whatever meanings you want to ascribe, gemstone necklaces are undoubtedly powerful, mostly because of the beauty of the natural stone itself. If you want to get a gemstone necklace, you may not want to look exactly for the meaning, but rather the properties of the stone itself. The colors will influence the style and the hardness of the gemstone will influence how easy it is to care for.

What Are Your 3 Most Popular Gemstone Necklaces?
  • Opal Necklace. People love opal because of its fire. It's also a very rare gem. Opal can be a little soft, so they need to be taken care of. Opal is often said to represent hope and purity.
  • Blue Topaz. Blue Topaz is a lovely gem. This pendant necklace, it's decorated with both white diamonds and chocolate diamonds. Topaz is said to represent sweetness and disposition.
  • Citrine. Citrine is a critically under-used gem, especially with its very bright colors. Many people love Citrine because it has such brilliance and clarity.

Gold Necklaces

Who doesn't love the gift of a gold necklace? But gold necklaces actually have a lot of history to them. Before you start taking a look at gold necklaces, read on to find out more about what gold symbolizes.

What Do Gold Necklaces Represent? 

Gold has almost always represented wealth. Gold is a valuable and finite metal. In every society that ever discovered gold, gold became both popular and valuable. Because of that, gold also became a symbol of wealth, strength, and luxury. In the early days of civilization, gold was simply a useful crafting metal prized by loyalty. In more recent times, many people prized gold because it was a type of very fine jewelry. If they were displaced during a war, if they had difficulties financially, or if they just divorced, they could use the gold as a form of finance.

Still today, many people invest in gold knowing that if they ever need to, they can melt their gold jewelry down. This is a holdover from previous times, but it's also still true. Gold jewelry is always going to have inherent value simply because gold has value.

In terms of romance and love, though, gold is still close to diamonds in terms of being a partner's best friend. Gold is considered to be one of the most valuable metals and consequently, a gift of gold shows that you value the recipient. There isn't anything that's better than gold when it comes to jewelry, and gold can come in many colors including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold— so there's something for everyone's style.

What Are Your Three Most Popular Gold Necklaces?

Gold necklaces aren't just chains; there are a lot of unique, interesting styles to choose from.
  • Gold Leaf. This beautiful, organic gold pendant necklace is a fun way to celebrate the material.
  • Labradorite Necklace. Gold pairs beautifully with the brown flash in this labradorite, a natural stone that has a lot of fire.
  • Goodnight Moon. An elegant and abstract moon pendant necklace made in high-quality 14K yellow gold.

Pearl Necklaces

Sought after by many communities across time, pearl necklaces don't just remain popular, but there are now many styles. Whether you love black pearls, blue pearls, or pink pearls, you can find something beautiful amongst the pearl necklaces we carry.

What Do Pearl Necklaces Represent?

For a very long time, pearls had to be caught wild rather than farmed. And that meant that people had to dive very far into very deep and dangerous waters to capture them. Pearls became synonymous with wealth. Today, most pearls can be farmed, and they are less difficult to procure. Before, people could easily give their lives trying to get enough pearls for a necklace. So, pearls aren't just luxurious: they also display a lot of positive characteristics. Pearls are considered to be proud, loyal, and confident.

Many people had a strand of pearls specifically to signify wealth. The gentle white luster of pearls also signified innocence, insofar as pearls were often given to a young lady who was just turning into an adult. Pearls were often handed down and often given as vintage gifts throughout a family. Not only are pearls themselves remarkably fragile, but they often had silk cords that needed to be restrung. So, they were a responsibility as well as a gift.

Today, pearl necklaces are considered to be luxurious and vintage. They are no longer considered to be a "trend" item, but rather considered to be something that's more classic. They can represent both luxury and the styles of the past. Pearls are also valued because bright and white, they can be paired with just about any style. 

What are Your 3 Most Popular Pearl Necklaces?
  • Pearls and the Lady. Freshwater pearls decorate the string of this pendant necklace, which showcases a beautiful lady.
  • 3 Pearls. 3 large pearls decorate this necklace alongside a sterling silver, filigree design. This is the perfect necklace to pair with just about anything.
  • A String of Pearls. This modern take on a traditional string of pearls is sure to turn heads, with its elegant design and perfect length.

Silver Necklaces

Do you love the look of silver? For some people, it's just the only thing that works right with their skin tone. For others, it's a favorite to mix and match with other looks, styles, and colors. Let's take a look at silver necklaces and what they mean. 

What Do Silver Necklaces Represent?

Historically, it's been known that gold is an indicator of wealth and wisdom. But gold is also very malleable and weak. Silver is stronger, which is why silver chains have long been connected with focus, strength, and purpose. Silver is also often connected with the moon and all the symbolism contained with the moon, while yellow gold is connected with the sun.

In mythology and legend, the moon is often feminine, and the sun is often masculine. So, many people see silver as a more feminine metal; something that's connected to the intricacies of magic and spirituality.

Of course, this is all symbolism. On a practical level, silver necklaces often represent fine jewelry that will last a long time to come. Unlike many other metals, silver tends to be very durable. While it can tarnish, it can also be easily cleaned and cared for. Like gold, it has intrinsic value. Silver jewelry can always be melted down to its stable, valuable base. Silver jewelry will last longer and retain its value far more than semi-fine or costume jewelry.

Someone who wants to give a silver necklace as a gift should foremost consider the silver content (is it fine silver, such as 0.925, or is it plated?) as well as the style. Silver comes in many styles, from the very delicate to the very bold. An advantage of a silver chain is that you can get thick lengths of chains at a cheaper price than gold.

What Are Your Three Most Popular Silver Necklaces?
  • 2 Euro Silver Necklace. This attractive currency-based necklace has international flair.
  • Sterling Silver Star and Heart. Tell them you love them with this sterling silver diamond necklace.
  • Filigree Bull. With a unique and whimsical design, this filigree bull is well-decorated and eye catching.

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are a great statement piece, as well as a way to create a focal point on an outfit. Made from a pendant suspended on a chain, a pendant necklace can be either very elegant and delicate or dramatically bold and beautiful.

What are Pendant Necklaces?

A pendant necklace is a necklace that's designed to have a single, larger object on a chain. Sometimes that's a pendant placed along a chain, but other times the pendant itself may be built onto or into a chain. Pendant necklaces are very versatile. When the chain and pendant are designed to go along together (or even melded together), then it becomes a "pendant necklace" rather than just a pendant and a necklace.

Pendant necklaces are some of the most common jewelries, simply because they're so easy to accessorize. A pendant necklace can be worn with just about everything and serves as an easy way to draw a viewer's eye.

How to Layer Pendant Necklaces

One of the major advantages of a pendant necklace is that it can be layered. You can wear many pendant necklaces at once for a more dramatic look. Traditionally, you don't want to mix metals; you would use one tone, such as gold. But today, a lot of people mix metals conscientiously. 

To layer pendant necklaces, you should usually have necklaces of different lengths. You could layer a 14", 16", and 18" together, for instance. This ensures that the pendants themselves are all visible rather than feeling cluttered or laying over each other. You can create a lot of eclectic, fun designs with this type of layering.

What are Your 3 Most Popular Pendant Necklaces? 
  • Gold Circle Pendant Necklace. This dramatic, jewel-studded necklace will serve as a focal point for any outfit. It's designed to be glittery and eye catching.
  • V Necklace. This necklace likely wouldn't layer well because it's already very dramatic. Here, you can see how the chain is built into the pendant.
  • Slider Necklace. This mixed-metal necklace is modern enough and abstract enough to go with just about anyone's sense of style.

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