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Ring Setting Guide

With many options available and considerations that go into choosing the perfect ring setting, we’re here to set you up for success! Look through our ring setting guide to determine which is perfect for you.


A solitaire setting puts one central stone on display in a classic, beautiful way that will never go out of style. Allowing light to enter through the bottom sections of the ring to create maximum sparkle, this setting may be right for you if you have a stunning singular stone you want to showcase.


A side-stone setting features smaller stones positioned on either side to maximize the beauty of the center gemstone. The side stones are typically cut to offer pleasing contrast with the center gemstone, with a difference in proportion that offers an elegant transition from stone to band.


A popular style for engagement rings, the three-stone setting is composed of a center stone with a stone on each side. The stones are said to represent the past, present, and future, lending meaningful symbolism to your ring. Modern three-stone styles often position sizeable fancy stones on both sides for elegant balance.


The popular halo setting positions many small stones, typically between .05 and .25ct, all the way around the center stone. This beautiful setting offers an affordable way to accomplish an attention-grabbing, couture look.


Pavé is an arrangement of small inlaid gemstones along the band. Pavé is French for paved and looks like a fine road paved in gemstones or diamonds. Perfectly executed pavé feels like fine silk to the touch and shimmers from every angle.

Vintage Inspired

Vintage inspired settings pay homage to the beautiful styles of days gone by. Often “antiqued” with small, decorative grooves on the side, these settings allow the center stone to be the star of the show.


The single-row setting features small stones contained inside the band. The effect is of the stones peeking out of the band in a seamless design.


A multi-row setting features a band that forks around the center stone. This may be the one for you if you prefer a lower profile than other traditional settings.


A bypass refers to a setting where one side of a ring folds over (or bypasses) the other side. Often using different colors of metal or gemstones to accentuate the fold.

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